Patient Stories

Full of Sparkle


Carrie and Steve remember vividly the night their world changed after their daughter, Alizabeth, was diagnosed with cancer. See how their family has adapted and how Alizabeth's spirit continues to inspire them. Read More

One in a Million


No parent ever thinks they'll hear their one-year-old has cancer. But, in December 2016, Amanda and Jeremy were told just that. Read More

Bella's Compassionate Heart


For 5-year-old Bella, procedures and treatments have become the new normal, but her mom remains hopeful Bella will be able to enjoy a normal life full of fun and free from pain and worry. Read More

Fighting With Gabbitude


Chemotherapy is pretty nasty—but has yet to take down what 13-year-old Gabby's mom calls her "Gabbitude." Gabby is feisty and always tells it like it is, so her mom, Kristi, worried when she started complaining about pain in her right knee last October. Read More

Her Greatest Triumph


Anna, 35, is thankful for her little miracle, Mila Alice. After surviving osteosarcoma and being told pregnancy may come with serious complications, the prospect of putting her own child through trauma gave her pause. Read More

Hope for the Future: Nathalia's Story


Preparing Nathalia to leave for summer camp for two weeks, her mother took her to urgent care due to a swollen leg and prolonged limping and complaints of pain. Within the time of that visit, all plans to go to summer camp were canceled—Nathalia had cancer. Starting in her leg, the disease had already spread to her lungs. Read More

A 'Button' of Bravery


Two-year-old Joey has been battling a rare liver cancer for most of his young life. From port access in his chest, which he calls his "button," to medications that taste like lighter fluid, his bravery in the face of treatment is remarkable. Read More

Clementine’s Story: From Brain Surgery to Bike Balancing


Flipping up her sandy-blonde ponytail, 8-year-old Clementine showed us the scar she had across her skull from brain surgery. “See, I bet you didn’t even notice it!” she says. Just a few months after brain surgery, this energetic girl hopped on her bike and rode around the block—with just a little wobble. Read More

Never Alone: Tanner’s Story

Tanner and his family

Wearing a hospital gown, 9-year-old Tanner picked “the cherry smell” to go with the anesthesia for his port-removal surgery, a procedure his family hoped would be the last step in his osteosarcoma treatment. Read More

Together, We Can 'Slay Leukemia Dragons'


Danny, 11, wears braces on his legs because chemotherapy left him too weak to walk on his own. With total numbness in his fingers, toes and joints, it takes a lot of energy for him to take even a few steps. Read More

Tough Beyond Her Years


Three-year-old Brooklyn has a few unmistakable trademarks: She wears colorful leggings, never leaves home without wearing at least one purple article of clothing, and she sings Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" faster and louder than any toddler in town. Read More