A Personal Approach to Giving

A gift in your will is a heartfelt way to support the causes and organizations that are close to your heart. It’s an easy way to support our mission in the future without using any of your assets today.

There are two special features that make this a popular type of gift:

  1. Flexibility. A gift in your will lets you balance your charitable goals with the future needs of your loved ones. Because you aren’t parting with assets today, you don’t have to worry about living expenses and future medical costs should you need the assets during your lifetime. Plus, you can change your mind at any time.
  2. Versatility. You can give a percentage of your estate to Children's Cancer Research Fund. Most people can’t predict the exact size of their final estate; therefore, making a gift by using a percentage amount can be a more effective means of dividing it. This allows you to benefit loved ones and CCRF in proportion.

One Sentence Is All It Takes

Including CCRF in your future plans is easy, all it takes is one sentence. Contact Amy Polski Larson at apolskilarson@childrenscancer.org or 952-224-8486 to request sample language you can use to include us in your will or living trust. If you’ve already made a gift to us in your future plans, let us know so we can ensure your gift is used as you intend.

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